Residential Shredding in Greeley from Shred Monster

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Shred monster is a company that efficiently destroys paper documents, including sealed with metal staples, plastic cards, floppy disks, CDs, etc. The company owns the most modern and powerful equipment for high-quality document shredding greeley colorado of any complexity. We also have a large fleet of specialized trucks with a visual control system for the destruction process. Document circulation is the result of any activity of any institution. As managers and specialists know, paper documents, electronic files of the organization must be stored for a certain period — from 3 to 5 years. Over time, they lose their relevance. The question arises, how to dispose of the countless tons of unnecessary, but confidential information on paper? Throw out — then there are risks to share the secrets of your enterprise with outsiders. Burn — to attract attention from outside. Trusting employees — means informing and equipping them.


It is worth to tell you about the quality of our paper shredding greeley services. For the client, this is, first of all, convenience and comfort in the process of receiving the service, trust to his partner, and desire to contact again for the service of recycling documents in the future. In the process of the work, the factors of the service quality for the client are:

  • the possibility of promptly calling the mobile on a call,
  • the arrival of our specialists at a convenient for the client time (including in the evening and on weekends), the speed of order execution, the diligence of the employees, the absence of the need personally load and take out archives of documents, the possibility of visual control on the monitor from our workplace over the process of documents destruction, receipt of a complete package of documents for disposal from the Company, the ability to choose a form of payment for the service convenient for you.
  • In addition, all disposal costs are included in the costs of your company when taxing, and are included in the declaration. All these moments predetermine your choice, in matters of selecting not a random partner, but a reliable one, with a competent professional and high-quality approach to the process of recycling documentation.
  • The secrecy of documents predetermines the very specificity of the services of the company. First of all, for the client, this is an opportunity not only to throw important financial or accounting documents into the waste bin, hand them over as waste paper, or transfer them to third parties for transportation, sort storage at a remote warehouse, with the aim of their further destruction and processing. But also the possibility by means of direct visual control at the place of disposal, directly at the car, or on a video monitor in your office — personally supervise the shredding process, as well as, at the request of the Client, receive a complete video report on the process of recycling your documentation. It’s an important component and guarantor of compliance with the secrecy and confidentiality of your business.
  • Company guarantee – it will not disappoint your expectations. The choice of our company in the selection of options for the disposal of important documents will justify all your hopes, and you will take a new step towards optimizing the document flow processes at your enterprise.

Shred Monster also offers free shredding greeley co services for our Northern Colorado community.

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